Clinical Resources

Clinical Resources

Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS)

The Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS)® course is designed to help healthcare professionals improve patient care and outcomes during the critical first hours of a patient’s neurological emergency. Now in its third version, ENLS demonstrates a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach and provides a consistent set of protocols, practical checklists, decision points, and suggested communication to use during patient management. 

The American Academy of Neurology has endorsed this education course

The Brain Death Determination Course, presented by the Neurocritical Care Society, aims to standardize the process of brain death diagnosis. This certification course will help those clinicians who are allowed by their local laws to perform brain death determination to learn and demonstrate their level of understanding and expertise.

Neurocritical Care ON CALL

Neurocritical Care ON CALL® is a subscription-based online resource comprised of content dedicated solely to the practice of neurocritical care. Currently featuring 20 topics, Neurocritical Care ON CALL is applicable to physicians, pharmacists, APPs, nurses, and trainees. The content is enriched by a variety of additional features including case studies, videos, monthly webinars, podcasts, and more. 

Pharmacotherapy of Neurocritical Care Series (PONS)

The Pharmacotherapy of Neurocritcial Care Series (PONS) is a curriculum based e-learning series comprised of various neuropharmacotherapy topics presented by experts in the field of neurocritical care. The target audience includes individuals practicing in all medical disciplines, particularly those who are interested in furthering their neuropharmacotherapy knowledge. This series can be used to update or refresh primary providers on the topic, or be utilized to facilitate topic discussions among trainees.

Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS)
This section of NCS OnDemand contains educational content designed specifically for Advanced Practice Providers working in the field of neurocritical care. Offerings include an intensive orientation course that covers a wide variety of foundational and disease specific content, and a 4-part neuroanatomy webinar series.


N-Case is a section of NCS OnDemand dedicated to resources specifically designed for the neurocritical care nurse. Content includes self-guided case studies, basic and advanced neurologic exams, medication dosing cards, and more.  


Ethics Bundle
Offered as a bundle package, Law and Ethics in Neurocritical Care provides an overview of legal and ethical issues that can arise for a neurocritical care professional, or a clinician in any setting, as they are immersed in treating a patient, and the four-part webinar series, Ethics Curriculum for Neurocritical Care Fellowships, explores ethical issues in neurocritical care.


The Brain Death Toolkit includes a variety of helpful resources and educational offerings, including instructional videos, webinars and web-based courses. It also provides a sample brain death policy and checklist, which may be used as a template for adoption at individual institutions/hospitals. 

TTM in Acute Neurologic Injury

This course is targeted to the multidisciplinary team treating and caring for patients undergoing The Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) for acute neurological illnesses in the critical care setting, specifically post cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury, acute ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, hepatic encephalopathy and fever control. It provides detailed practical approaches on the delivery of TTM: induction, maintenance, rewarming and maintenance of normothermia in different settings and acute neurological illnesses. Complications and anticipated side effects of cooling are discussed to maximize the benefit of cooling for approved indications.